Welcome! Nothing will ever replace physical in person training! Our mission with our open courses is to give citizens, Mil, and LE an opportunity to train with our team. The goal of open sign up courses are to improve your overall mindset, processing speed, techniques, application, and instill solid motor memory. If you show up to our course and do not feel that you have improved your skills we will refund your money 100%.

Open enrollment courses are available to anyone looking to experience our unique methodologies, training, and way of life. Our courses are designed to make each student (beginner to pro) as effective and efficient as possible within the shortest time. I have spent my entire life training with experts from all over the world, gaining experience, and testing & evaluating all of our material so that you receive the best training possible.  I want good people to have the ability to truly protect themselves in a unpredictable world.  That is my passion.  I look forward to seeing you at the course!

-Dom Raso

Open Enrollment Training Courses

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ARMR-UP: Training For Life

We get it, not everyone can come to our training courses in-person all the time. That is why we now offer courses online to get our training into your hands wherever you are so that you can continue to learn and hone your skills.