Dynamis Alliance Training FAQs


What is ARMR-UP?

ARMR-UP was conceptualized while Dom Raso was deployed overseas during his 12-year career as a Navy SEAL chasing bad guys. Having the physical training to ADAPT to any situation that could have been offensive, or defensive was critical.  He wanted to create the most effective program possible for guys that needed to adapt to any situation, travel the world, and most importantly create a program that is connected to REALITY.  


Advanced Reality-based
Constant advancements through experience and learning are what drives our vision! “Its good enough” will never be okay with us and is the reason why our program will continue to be cutting edge. Our program is different because every movement in this program is built with a purpose in mind.  It is thought through and tested on how well it connects and translates to the REAL WORLD. 

Motor Memory 
Stop saying muscle memory because your muscles do not remember anything! Dom Raso has spent his whole career understanding how our motor cortex and nuero muscular system responds to stimulus based off of our training.  The connection and effectiveness can not be ignored.  If we are truly training for a reason, there must be a connection with how our training will serve and help us in reality.  With each repetition and every time we hit the gym is another opportunity to create solid motor memory to build on and improve our overall action/reaction to our environment to set us up for ultimate success. 

Experience and time under pressure is the most effective human way to increase our overall effectiveness and efficiencies in anything that we do.  Exposure to the target environment is a tested method for making faster, better, and more effective decisions and movements when the body needs to respond.  How do we get better at something? We do it.  This program is designed with you in mind.  We want you to be effective and we will be exposing you to a series of movements that will make you better at EVERYTHING you do.  


MINDSET is our biggest asset when it comes to engaging with EVERYTHING in our lives.  Programing the way we think must come first.  If we can not get to the gym in the first place or our mind is too weak to get our asses off the couch to do the NO EXCUSES portion of our ARMR Template, then we have lost before we even started. ARMR-UP is different because we spend a significant amount of time talking about our connection to fitness through a more purposeful and meaningful way.  When the going gets tough, “I want to look good”, isn’t going to hold much weight in a life or death scenario.  That may sound extreme but you opened up “Why ARMR UP”? So now you might have a small glimpse into what you’re going to get our of this journey. Improve your overall mindset by engaging with us and improve your life. 

Will ARMR-UP help improve my mindset?

Yes. Probably more than any other physical program that you have every experienced or done.  The whole base foundation of why our workouts exist is to improve the way we think about fitness and engaging with life.  Life will be challenging and you will face adversity. Through physical training and experience, we set ourselves up for success to conquer and handle that stress as best as we possibly can.

Do I need to workout?

Our fitness plays a critical role in our overall health and well being.  It is a core element for successful human interaction.  We know its one of the major things we can do to live longer, stay healthier, create a better mindset, better relationships, better work performance, increased capabilities, and makes parents awesome! It creates leaders and forward thinkers when you can connect your physical to the mental. We highly encourage you to move your body every single day of your life.  You were meant to move! 

What does IP mean?

Injury prevention. We put IP in the ARMR-PREP portion of the workout to ensure you are taking time on points on your body that need to most attention. 

Will ARMR-UP prepare me for BUDS?

ARMR-UP will 100% help you adapt to the unknown (which is one of my biggest tips for guys getting ready to go in), but this program is NOT BUD’S specific.  There are swimming and running involved but I would drastically change the amount that is in this program if someone were to head to special operations selection course. There are many great programs out there for guys looking to go into BUDs and other programs. 

Can I integrate the ARMR-UP program with MMA/combatives/boxing?


This program will give you an amazing base and it even has combative/self-defense movements integrated into the plan.  Remember this is reality-based performance so it has to be effective in reality.  

What weight should I start off with in each movement?

Learn the movements first! Use lighter weight until you are confident that your body is responding and controlling the weight properly.  There is no harm in starting light and working your way to a weight that feels challenging.  ARMR-UP is about you! Taking great notes and make progress every week is what counts.  Once you have learned the movement the last couple reps in each movement and especially on the last set, should give you very challenging resistance. 

What should I eat while on the ARMR-UP program?

Eat smart and make good decisions.  It’s a discipline that you need to create in your life.  Everything you put in your mouth is a choice and its important to make good ones again and again.  Everyone is going to have different needs and we may be releasing nutritional tips in the future. 

What results can I expect from this program?

The ARMR-UP mission is simple.  Train you for life and give you skills that allow you to ADAPT. Life is unknown and we want to set you up for success both mentally and physically.  You will improve your overall performance and capabilities making you more effective at EVERYTHING you do. 

Do I need to be in shape?

We do not want to see anyone out of shape but we all have to start somewhere and that is part of our job. To get you there.

The ARMR-PREP which is the first portion of the ARMR template is the no excuses portion of the workout.  We designed this to be able to execute anywhere in the world.  So if you are in your living room reading this from a phone right now, there are ZERO excuses not to sign up for this program! We created the specific flow of the movements to activate your body, work on your mobility, and prepare you to build an amazing foundation. Please see NO Excuses video to learn more! 

Why 11 reps?

Because everyone else does 10.

Why 22 reps?

22 Veterans die each day from suicide and combat-related mental trauma.  Its to push ourselves to the last few reps in those series to never forget that it takes teamwork and effort to help out those who helped us. 

Can I do ARMR-UP workouts when I travel?

We designed the ARMR-PREP (1st section) of the workout to be done anywhere in the world with NO Equipment.  If you find yourself with limited time, on the go, or just looking for a lighter day, you can CRUSH 5 rounds of the ARMR PREP to give you an awesome and active foundation for the day. 

Do I need Equipment for ARMR-UP workouts?

ARMR-PREP Does not require Equipment and you can find the substitutions for equipment link here.  ARMR-ON and ARMR-UP usually require Equipment.  Its always a benefit to have machines and we structured this so you are pushing yourself in new dynamics.  Even if that means going to get a membership at a gym that will push your comfort zone and give you new capabilities.  It’s only your life you’re investing into. 

What is a good gear list to remember?

ARMR-UP Template of the day, various strength bands, workout clothing, compression shorts, workout shoes, running shoes, and what ever personal items you think you might need. 

Is there an APP for ARMR-UP?

In the works!

Why do I have to print out my ARMR-UP workout?

ZERO distractions come from a piece of paper while you are in the gym.  Your time training yourself should be sacred. You should be protecting that time and getting to work! Alerts, missed calls, texts, and anything else your phone is trying to pull you away for is going to be a distraction from why we showed up there in the first place.  Once you feel you have gotten good about not letting your phone rob your time improving yourself, then you can start using the PDF’s we are sending you on the phone.  I always find it easier to take notes on paper. It is faster and more efficient. 

How do I become a ARMR-UP Certified instructor?

This is a new program and we are discussing what it would take to get guys certified to teach our new cutting edge ARMR-UP program to help spread the next big fitness movement in the world! 

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Will Dom be there?

Yes. We have reduced the amount of available classes per year, but until further notice, Dom will be attending and instructing every course. 

What are your age restrictions?

You must be at least 18 years old to train with us.

I'm not a U.S. citizen. Can you train me?

Unfortunately we can only train U.S. citizens at this time.

Do I need to be experienced?

All hand to hand courses do not require any prior experience. Our firearms courses require a basic level of proficiency in firearms handling unless the course is listed as a basic and beginner course. 

Can I bring my spouse/kid/friend to just watch my Training Course?

As much as we love teaching our family we do not allow any bystanders to watch or view our training sessions.  If they are not 18 and or signed up for the course, they cannot not be in the training area. 

Can I have a discount?

Military, law enforcement, and first responders all can obtain discounts.  Please sign up for the discount process at check out and this will walk you through the steps. Thank you for your service to moving this world in a better direction.

What is your course cancellation policy?

Upon sign up, your payment is non-refundable. If you must cancel, you may apply the cost of the course to any other upcoming class within the calendar year. 

How do I get more details about my class?

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with more information on class schedule, where to stay, where to eat, what to bring, and more key info.

Will gear be available for purchase?

There will be an exclusive gear offering during our Virginia Beach courses!

ARMR-UP: Training For Life

We get it, not everyone can come to our training courses in-person all the time. That is why we now offer courses online to get our training into your hands wherever you are so that you can continue to learn and hone your skills.

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